Addiction Treatment Programs

Once you or your loved one decides to pursue treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, you are well on their way to recovery from substance use disorder. As you compare options and search for the best treatment centers, it’s important to consider you or your loved one’s unique needs and circumstances and to find both a facility and a treatment program catered to the situation at hand.

Medical Detox

The first step in an individual’s recovery journey is usually detox or medication-assisted treatment. Detox refers to the process of medically managed withdrawal from drugs or alcohol and involves medications, therapy, and other treatments needed to rid your body of addictive substances.

Getting help from a drug detox center is often an important lifeline for detoxing safely and managing withdrawal symptoms. During withdrawal, our addiction specialists monitor patients 24/7 and prescribe medication to help with any uncomfortable physical and psychological symptoms. Individuals also receive mental health services to prepare them for the transition into an inpatient treatment program.

Inpatient Treatment

Our residential treatment program at 4 Seasons Detox and Recovery House offers 24/7 support to our patients. Residential treatment programs, also known as inpatient rehabilitation programs, offer a high level of care to better support you or your loved one, which can be especially important to those who are prone to relapse or have co-occurring disorders, like mental health issues.

Patients enrolled in inpatient addiction treatment programs live in the facility and must complete frequent drug tests to ensure adherence to their recovery plan. Throughout the program, patients gradually regain independence and prepare for transitioning back into the real world. Our treatment services empower individuals with the tools and coping mechanisms they need to maintain long-term sobriety.

Other Treatment Options

In addition to detox and residential programs, there are other treatment options available to your loved ones depending on their needs and circumstances. Patients without co-occurring disorders who are at a lower risk of relapse may have the option of a partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program.

Partial hospitalization programs often follow residential treatment. While patients can live independently, they are often encouraged to reside in a sober living community. When enrolled in partial hospitalization programs, patients have access to a supportive environment as they begin to re-acclimate to everyday life. These programs are typically less intensive than residential programs but still offer structure and support during the recovery process.

Intensive outpatient programs are highly structured programs consisting of outpatient treatment. During an intensive outpatient program, patients live at home but are required to come into the treatment facility for outpatient rehab services. While patients can live independently, they spend a lot of time at the treatment facility to get the support services they need and to learn how to cope with everyday stressors without turning to substances.

Substance Abuse Treatment at 4 Seasons Detox and Recovery House

Taking the first step is often the most difficult part of the addiction recovery journey. As you or your loved one begins their addiction treatment program at 4 Seasons Detox and Recovery House, you will be supported and encouraged by a team of medical professionals, other patients pursuing substance abuse treatment, and friends and family members. Rest assured you will have an entire team cheering you on!

For more information on treatment options for alcohol or drug abuse, reach out to 4 Seasons Detox and Recovery House today. We can answer any questions you might have about different treatment options, including detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, and more. Call today.

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