Program Mission and Philosophy

The mission of 4 Season Detox and Recovery House, Inc. is to provide excellence in addiction and abusive-behaviour prevention residential services and ensure a successful transition to a healthy, happy and productive lifestyle.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that people are not born abusive, neither are they born addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is an illness that cultivates from people’s experiences and life circumstances. Confronting those negative experiences and working to realize the initial root cause which led to drug or alcohol abuse is one of the critical steps to recovery.

At 4 Season Detox and Recovery House’s residential treatment program we understand those experiences, because our counsellors and team members have gone down that same path and/or they are well educated and understand firsthand what it feels like to have your life fall apart due to substance abuse or addiction. We combine these basic principles and follow the proven methodology of The Twelve Step program to ensure a successful outcome.

The study of these Steps is essential to the progress of our clients and the 4 Season Detox and Recovery House program.

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